Solar Panels for your Home

Solar Panels – Good Or Bad For Your Home?

They are Quiet

Unlike most fossil fuel-based energy and a few renewable sources of energy which include wind turbines, there’s no noise from your own solar panels. They produce electricity really quietly.

Conversion of the sun’s solar energy into electricity can get easily accomplished with solar panels. This may sound modern but truth is, it is quite easy to build your solar panels for your property.

Solar panels to your home can be build by a company and cost a lot of money to install. And then again, there are those which are often built easily by any homeowner who has the basic carpentry skills and the determination to drop the energy costs.

Your own solar panels for your home can generate enough capacity to heat the interiors, heat this type of water in the indoor pool, keep the electricity going and result to reducing electric costs for up to 50%. Once these are put in the electric companies would wind up paying the homeowner instead of the other way around. Also, this is one way make sure that no pollutants used by electric companies to produce electricity would pollute consequently destroy Mother Nature.

To produce your own solar panels for a home simply follow these kind of simple instructions:

1. Listing of materials: 1/2 sq foot per panel copper boasting sheets (around $5 for each sq ft)

two alligator clip leads


Power stove

2 li crystal clear plastic water bottle

2 tbsp salt

Plain tap water

Sand paper/wire brush that come with electric drill

Metal sheers for cutting your copper sheets

two. Cut the copper sheet while using the metal sheers. Use gloves when doing this for the sharp sides can injure the hands and this also will also prevent the body oils and acid with sweating hands getting over the sheet which can result to corrosion. Cut the sheet to approximately several millimeters bigger than the burner over the electric stove.

3. Remove any sulphide and/or corrosion from the copper flashing sheet by brushing them off while using the wire brush or sandpaper. Turn on the electric stove on the highest setting and position the cut sheet on it.

4. Observe the turning of colors relating to the metal while it oxidizes in the heat of the burner. As it starts turning black, take notice of the coating of black cupric oxide developing. Make sure to find that coating thick as a result of leaving the copper flashing sheet cooking for one more hour. Let cool slowly on the burner after turning heli-copter flight stove.

5. The thick black layer should start flaking off when the sheet starts to cool down and shrinks. Once 100 % cool, flush with running water to remove the black coat but do not flex or scrub this sheet. Just use the pads in the hands when doing this and avoid damaging the metal.

6. Cut the necks heli-copter flight 2 liter plastic bottles to leave a wide opening. Cut another sheet with copper flashing in exactly the same size as the prior to this heated one. Bend the sheets together so they can easily get into altered the mouth and either sides of the bottle. Do not allow metal sheets touch.

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