Free Solar Panels

Free Solar Panels? Government Incentives Can Cut Costs Dramatically

Did you know that suitable properties which meet certain criteria, meet the criteria for a free solar installation?

Here is what that means exactly:


  • FREE electricity during hours of sunlight
  • 50% saving on your electricity bills
  • Above?? 10, 000 worth of state of the art Free Solar Panels being suited to your roof for 100 % free
  • No funds outlay
  • No installation costs
  • Virtually no maintenance costs
  • No hassle

You are probably asking what’s the catch? Well in this day and age where there is no such thing as a free lunch, Free Solar Panels could be the one true exception.

The truth is for every unit of electricity that this panels produce, a fee is paid through the government and energy solutions. At the same time period, the electricity that is produced is absolve to use.

It is all component of a government drive to cut down on the carbon footprint in the country. Other initiatives are wind turbines, cavity wall insulation together with ground source boilers among other stuff.

If you’d the funds available to obtain the panels yourself you would see a huge reduction on the energy bill and see a return on your investment of 7-12%.

In the past if you did not need the cash available, you just missed out. Not any longer.

If you will have a property which is South facing and attached to mains electricity you can have free solar panels.

An investment company will cover the full cost with the panels, pay for installation and gaze after your system for 100 % free.

In profit, the investors will keep the revenue for all your electricity that the free solar generates but you get to use all the electricity for nothing.

As the average household you could preserve anything from 30-60% on their bills. Just as an included bonus the panels will produce free electricity to get a guaranteed 25 years which will equal to many thousands.

This can be a real win/win scenario.

But not everyone contains the estimated 12, 000GBP required to install panels in the first place. This is where free solar panels companies come in. They will pay for the panels and the installation and all they ask is that the homeowners let them take the money from the sale with the electricity. The yearly saving is still there for the homeowner to remain.

The supplier is paid for the many electricity generated by the panels and the government has agreed to continue the scheme for 25 years. The company is therefore guaranteed to make their money back along with the home owner gets the benefit of free electricity.

Looks good? Well this is definitely one of those situations where you decide to do your homework. What sounds like a great idea may not be ideal for everyone.

Positives of free solar panels

  • Having free solar panels will reduce your overall electricity bill and you will be making savings even though you cash in on no investment at all.
  • The value of your home will improve as the panels and the scheme with the installer will remain even though you move.
  • The installer ought to maintain the panels and care for any associated costs.
  • Homeowners can stick to their own electricity supplier.
  • Electricity bills may be reduced by half if usage is carefully checked.

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