Are Solar Panels Worth It

Sunforce 39810 Solar Panel Review – are solar panels worth it?

To own your solar panels installed professionally will cost a lot of money up front but when installed the running bills are practically nonexistent. Depending on how much power you need and whether you buy your equipment professionally made or build your own personal, you will reap the benefits every month when your electric comes.

If you live in a very sunny climate (such as Florida or Texas) your solar system will probably pay for itself in as few as 5 years. This doesn’t mean you can’t use sun power are solar panels worth it if you live in a northern section of the country, just that it may need longer for the system to fund itself. Living in a n . area just means you’ll need to occasionally brush the snow heli-copter flight panels so the sunshine can reach them.

Are Solar Panels Worth it – What Are Your Thoughts

In the event you connect your system on the local power grid, the electricity company will PAY you for almost any excess electricity you generate. They won’t pay precisely what they charge their customers but whens the last time your electric company PAID you anything? The electric company will cost you to connect to the grid but it would be are solar panels worth it in the long run if you are set on using solar power.

The easiest method to use solar panels to power your property is if you combine it with other alternative energy power sources for example a passive solar water heat so you dont need the maximum amount of electricity to heat ones water for everyday use. The best buildings to add a solar power system to are modern buildings that are made of energy efficient materials but older buildings can be set up to use solar energy as well. 6 tonnes, a 48% saving.

When will i get my money again?

We helps you to save at least $1600 12 months off our electricity bills with the help of solar panels and re-jigging in our appliances. Most people try and figure out how long it may need to get their cash back (8. 5 year in our case).

However I believe this can be the wrong question; a far better question is: How much return am i going to get on my funds? I have invested $13, 700 and obtain a return of at the least $1600 per year. This means my investment is revisiting me 11. 7% in savings off my electricity bill. This is about double my mortgage rate, so I am still earning profits.

How long did it all take?

We used an area electrician trained in pv installations, who provided us with suggestions for reducing power, revised tariffs for our appliances and offer and install of your solar system. We firstly had to put on to electricity supplier to verify they would accept us supplying power to them (2 weeks). The install, re-wiring for tariff change-over to appliances, solar installation took 2 days. The smart meter was installed 2 weeks later.

For a side note, our first electricity bill were included with no mention of solar and an amount owing of $950. A simple call to our provider we realised they had no idea there were installed the solar panels. Their accounting had not necessarily updated our details. They reworked the bill to it’s current $360 (a saving off the original bill of 62% and $590).

I hope you have made your decision, are solar panels worth it, whats your answer?

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