Solar Panels


Solar Panels

Solar Panels – The future of Britain and the World

One big question we all ask ourselves is; Solar Panels – Are they cost effective? A lot of people ask if it is just a waste of money. There are lots of source floating around the net with good and bad reviews, so how can you proceed from this knowing there are mixed reviews. Well you could just pick a review out the hat, stick with it, and proceed from there. If you are to do this as your source then you might not end up with the answer you are hoping for. Leave out the risk, read what we have to say and you will be pleasantly surprised.


There is no right or wrong answer, to sum an answer in a short sentence for all our readers would be ‘Solar panels are good for some people, but not for others’. You might find this a little unhelpful but hopefully by the end of this review you will have the full answer based on a few more questions that make a big difference when referring to solar power.


Contents of Solar Panels

  • What location Do You Live?
  • Positioning of your Panels
  • Panel Quality
  • Money is Key
  • Solar Panel Budget
  • Books on Solar Energy


What Location Do You Live?

The biggest factor with solar panels is location. You can have all the solar panels in the world, if they are positioned wrong then you will never gain anything. Does the area you live in receive much sunlight, if it doesn’t then solar power might not be the way forward for you. If your area has lots of sunlight through the day and all year round, solar energy could be the revolution. If you do not have the advantage of much sunlight, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to overcome this (short of moving home). If you do have the advantage of receiving sunlight in mass amounts, welcome to the world of Solar Power and making your home a greener home.

Positioning of your Panels

The key to placement with solar panels is to not let any objects obstruct the view of the solar cells. If the Solar Cells are restricted in anyway shape or form you will not receive maximum benefit from them. If you are blocking as little as 15% of the solar cell it can decrease the efficiency of them by at least 50%. This is a great deal and would prove a lot in money terms for how much it would be costing you to how much you would be saving per year. The best place to position your solar panels is on the roof of your home and this is unanimously used through the world. If when constructed you notice slight shading on your solar panels then they are not positioned correctly and must be moved. Moving solar panels does not require a great deal of work and they might only need to be moved slightly to get maximum benefit.


Panel Quality

If you were to purchase the lowest price panel on the market, you might end up paying multiple times and never receive anything and spend the next 10 years just replacing panels. A key thing to look for when purchasing a solar panel is buy a good brand of panel which will ensure you are protected by a warranty if anything was to happen over the next few years. Most major manufactures will offer a long standing warranty with their products as they do guarantee greatness. This is not the only factor to look for when you are shopping around for your panels although it does play a key role. Tough solar panels will be the next thing to look for when shopping for solar cells as you want one that is durable and will last for a minimum of 25 years. When taking all this into account you will have at least a 20% conversion rate. The thing to take into account with solar panels is: “They are here today, to make a better tomorrow.”


Money is Key

To manage your money correctly you must take in 3 factors which are mentioned previously. This will help you have a good understanding if solar energy is for you. Optimize these factors provided to ensure you are going to receive maximum benefit and not just end up out of pocket. A rule of thumb is never let costs exceed the benefits. If you are still a still a little worried there are companies out there that will do all the leg work for you and review your situation and let you know if solar energy would fit your home.

Solar Panels Budget

To ensure you keep the costs down with solar panels is to install them with your own fair hands. This will lower the entire labour rate charged by the professionals. There are guides which are available to assist you with the installation process so you are not in the dark when trying to install it.


Books on Solar Energy

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