Concrete Roof Tiles

Prolonging Your Roof’s Lifetime With Concrete Roof Tiles

Redland Regent is a popular roof tile and it is used on thousands of properties in the united kingdom, it can be specified for roofs as low as 12. 5 degrees so that it a favourite for ” light ” roofs. The tile will merge well with any active concrete roof tiles to surrounding buildings as it is constructed from concrete with a standard choice of colour finishes .

Marley Wessex is made from concrete and unlike the Redland Regent it has a near flat account.

Your petroleum-shingled roof will more than likely start with waterproofing problems and leaks until you seek a skilled roofing contractor to pertains to your rescue. You are usually more than welcome to go down the route of the majority homeowners and re-shingle with asphalt shingles in the event you prefer, but you have another option to consider that really looked over.

Concrete Roof Tiles may very well be more expensive on entry end, but they literally last the lifetime of the building. Some European buildings get concrete tile roofs well over 100 years old that still perform fantastically. Simply power wash the concrete roof tiles every so often to avoid build up.

Just since concrete roof tiles are even more durable and long lasting, doesn’t mean you should remember to looking into the contractor you hire to put your roof. Check references and get about their experience using Concrete Roof Tiles. It’s also essential to see which warranty your roofing contractor offers on the work. The concrete roof tiles will outlast you, but just with quality craftsmanship and installation.

Don’t feel trapped by the roof replacement cycle. Choose concrete tiles and go with no hassle of worrying about your roof’s condition.

If you want to be happy with roof repair, you should first be informed on the different types of materials that are being used with ones roof. The problem is that there are a lot of people who are just aware of one thing; their roof is very important for them. They are also not aware of the different advantages that they get from different materials, and this is the reason why most of them are deciding based on the recommendations of a roof repair professional.

Areas of the materials which can be being used on ones concrete roof tiles:


  1. Slate – this can be a very expensive option for people, but it is a popular option because it last long which is fireproof. Aside from that, it doesn’t need too much maintenance and doesn’t rot easily as compared to other types of supplies.
  2. Concrete Tiles – it is related to wood shakes, but is constructed from light-weight concrete tiles. A roof that is constructed from concrete tiles cannot get re-used, but it is a good choice for people who need durability, low maintenance, and resource efficiency.
  3. Metal Roofs – this is the most popular material getting used for roofs in your late 1970. Aside from being durable, it is usually fireproof, and only uses a little maintenance. There was also a study showing that metal roofs are absorbing 34% less heat in comparison to other types of roofs.
  4. Clay Roofing Tile – this can be the material that is often raised for Spanish and Italian-style houses. It lasts longer compared to other types of materials. Clay doesn’t burn since easy as other materials, and it only must have little maintenance. The only problem is that it is heavier, and would need a better foundation for your house.
  5. Wood Shakes – this is among the most best options for those people who are looking for something which looks and feels natural. It keeps the basement well circulated, making the room when ventilated. The only problem is that it would require better maintenance and repair, which can cost more money down the road.
  6. Composition Shingles – this is a type of roof that is made from asphalt and fiberglass. In addition to the fact that it is more durable compared to other types of roof, it is also a very popular option for a lot of people because it is less pricey. However, it is also at risk of heat, and is straightforward to scar when exposed to heat.

Home owners in Melbourne often find themselves wondering which roofing material is best suited in regards to completing a roof repair or roof re-newel. Each material has its pro’s and con’s. It all comes as a result of the style of the house, structural guidelines that ought to be adhered to, the area of the property, budget, and all kinds of other factors. Let’s talk about many of the above mentioned.

Style of House

Your house was built with a certain preferences in mind. The roof was or will need to have been chosen to suit the house. In saying that, an incorrect or poor choice might have been originally made.

An old Victorian style house may have had either a Terracotta and galvanized roof. When re-roofing, it could be silly to use an alternative concrete tile or smart Terracotta tile. The smart choice would be to go for a nice rich colour inside Colorbond range to suit your colour scheme, or pick a neutral / earth shaded Terracotta tile.

Frequently, the council will have the final decision on your roofing material. A house which has a heritage overlay, will probably have to conform to help guidelines requiring the roof to remain galvanized. This is certainly true around suburbs like Williamstown and inner city areas which has a rich Victorian history.

Structural Guidelines

When picking out your roofing material, there are structural factors that you want to addressed. Are your roof trusses braced enough to support metal sheeting? This will need to be looked at when switching from a tiled roof to metal.

Is ones roof and house support strong enough to support the weight of concrete roof tiles? (Certainly never in the event that where a metal roof has been the original roofing product).

In many re-roofing situations, the battens ought to be renewed also.

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