Roofing Tools

Roof Tools

Roofing Tools For Do-It-Yourselfers

Slater’s Hammer – A Slater’s hammer can be an all-in-one device which works for a hammer and an axe. Not only do you have a hammer head to the front, but on the trunk side you’ll find a small blade which can are available in very handy during the majority of any project. This is perfect for jobs in which you are provided with the job of stripping an entire roof to be able to prepare it for the brand new shingles.

Items to consider:

If you’re still looking for additional tools or are unsure of how to use among the list of above, your best bet for free, quality instruction is any local hardware store. Most sales associates will be more than happy to explain the huge benefits and techniques associated using any given tool.

Additionally, always remember to keep safety in the forefront. Always be aware to your surroundings and make sure to utilize safeguards in order to help in minimizing the possibility of falls or slipping.

Preparing for Your Roof Repair

If you’re a moderately experienced handyman in reasonably good shape, and are comfortable with thinking about scrambling around on ones roof, you must simply he roofing tools you need and get started. The responsibility of replacing a damaged shingle will have to have about five minutes with the proper roofing tools, because there simply is not really much to it.

Even with the best roofing equipment, however, you can’t correctly install brand-new roofing shingles without understanding how to correctly align these. You’ll also have to be securely positioned on your roof, with your roofing tools within easy reach. The last thing you want to have happen is to own one of your top tools, and even worse, all by yourself, go sliding down the roofing and over its edge.

The Roofing Tools For your Job

Your roofing tools will include a flat pry bar with which to pry in the old shingles, along with a razor knife and sort, roofing nails, and adhesive with which to cut and attach the new ones.

Once you are comfortably and securely positioned by your roofing repair site, with every one of your roofing tools within arm’s accomplish, you should proceed in the following manner:


Begin as a result of locating the shingle you want to replace, keeping track of up two rows, together with lifting the shingle tab of the shingle which is a pair of rows above the damaged one. · Lift the shingle tab with the shingle two rows previously mentioned the shingle I wished to replace shingle.

· Remove the nails from around this shingle tab

· Use the flat pry bar to lift the shingle and keep it securely at a place from where you won’t slide down.

· Use the hammer claw to take out all nails around the shingle in a way that the shingle or an integral part of it can be removed with ease.

· Place the new shingle in preference to the old one and fix the new nails at a place where there’s no hole from previous fixings.

· Apply adhesives to your required place. Standing seam metal roofs are becoming more and more popular on residential residences.


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