Renewable Energy

What Is Renewable Energy?

Back to the basic, the wind power is actually a form of solar power because the wind is generated as a result of heating effect from ultra violet rays. When the sun heats that earth’s surfaces at several speed on sand, water, stone and various types of soil, these surfaces process and release heat at different rates, creating different temperatures. At a positive temperature, the hotter air begins to rise from the surfaces very quickly because it is lighten in comparison to the equal volume of fascinating air. As the results, the hot air goes up and reduces the atmospheric pressure near the earth’s surface, which draws cool air to fill the gap the heat leaves behind. This action causes air movement or is known as Wind.

Based on the physic theory, when air moves, it generates kinetic energy, a type of energy made up of the motion of mass. With energy conversion technology, we can capture together with convert the kinetic energy into other forms of energy such since electricity. Energy from wind is a Renewable Energy that could be generated endlessly. It is just about the future trend as the one of major power generation sources it is necessary solar power. The world is put a great effort to make wind turbine power a long-term energy technique to produce electricity, mainly due to the wind power generation is clean and most importantly, it is renewable and environmentally friendly, a stark contrast to traditional power plants that count on fossil fuels.

A wind power system consists of wind turbine, which offers tower, blades and a nacelle, a control gearing process. The wind power generated from a wind turbine is determined largely with the length and the design of the blades. The design of blades creates a pressure of difference in wind, high pressure at an individual side and low pressure in the other side. The pressure difference relating to the sides of blades moves the blades. The turn of blades generates kinetic electrical power and being transferred inside electric energy, is successively transferred into electricity via transformer.

Renewable Energy Is Your Future

Along with the technology improvement that leads to a better generation tactics, the cost of producing electricity from wind power may be greatly reduced, making it a feasible renewable energy method for be used as the major source of electricity for future. In reality, there are many self-made wind power system building guides available that give guidance to those people who are interested in implementing green energy system at home to make a homemade wind-power system to build electricity for home functions. The renewable energy generated from wind has began to become an alternative power source from today, and it’s going to definitely be the serious sources for future, replacing the finite fossil fuels as being the power generation source.


Wind power works to generate electricity by converting that kinetic energy captured from wind mill to electric energy via transformer. Wind power is thoroughly clean and renewable energy that will become the long-term energy technique for the world.

Unlike fossil fuels which are also natural but are just available in limited give. Renewable energy sources can be used again and again without depleting them. There are five main sources associated with renewable energy that humans can use:

Do you use renewable energy or do you keep paying for it?


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